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Smart Rx Fill

Capture new revenue, increase patient satisfaction

The use of oral oncolytics is continually increasing. In fact, the FDA now approves one new oral oncolytic every four months. Your practice can capture additional revenue and increase patient satisfaction by filling patient prescriptions in your office with the Smart Rx Fill solution. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of having their prescriptions when they leave your office. Your practice will benefit from a medically integrated dispensary without administrative overhead.

Key Functionality

Smart Rx Fill is user-friendly and requires only a small footprint in your office. With Smart Rx Fill you can:

  • Verify insurance information
  • Fill prescriptions and electronically adjudicate claims
  • Print drug information and labels
  • Process refills
  • Access patient prescription history

Your Smart ID Works Account Manager:

  • Works with the NCPDP to obtain your PDS number
  • Helps your practice contract with third-party payers
  • Provides web-based software training

Don’t let prescription revenue walk out your door. Capture additional revenue with Smart Rx Fill.

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  • Billing history
  • Batch reconciliation
  • Reconciliation report
  • Receivables report
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