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Smart Rx Reconciliation

Simplify claims reconciliation and increase revenue for your dispensary

Claims reconciliation is a necessary business tool among successful dispensaries. By matching paid claims to third-party reimbursements you can identify paid, underpaid and unpaid claims. If you are not reconciling your claims, you are likely losing or missing money that is owed to your dispensary. Save time and energy by using Smart Rx Reconciliation to simplify tracking payments and managing reconciliation.

Key Functionality

  • Reconcile claims using 835-electronic remittance advices or paper EOBs
  • Post all commercial and Medicare D prescription plans
  • Follow up on outstanding claims greater than 60 days from date of fill
  • Reconcile your dispensary DMERC (Medicare Part B) claims


  • Monthly reports showing amounts reconciled, dates posted, variance amounts and outstanding payments

Manage your claims reconciliation for your medically integrated dispensary with Smart Rx Reconciliation.

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