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Protocol Analyzer

Bring clarity to the total cost of cancer care

Protocol Analyzer helps practices better manage their oncology drug spend and optimize their reimbursements. By providing robust drug and protocol economic modeling, practices can quickly and accurately determine the total cost of care. In addition, Protocol Analyzer allows the practice to create a printable estimate for cost of therapy, which can be used to support financial counseling between the patient advocate and the patient.

Key Functionality

  • View evidenced-based treatment protocols with compendia from NCCN and Clinical Pharmacology, CMS ASP, and physician fee schedules
  • Create customized protocols directly from the analytics tab saving you time
  • Analyze economics of protocols using sequestration and private payer fee information, even for newly released medications without J-Codes
  • Compare reimbursement by payer for clinically equivalent drugs
  • Print Patient Financial Estimates with protocol descriptions and copay estimates for the patient by any payer source. This includes any additional costs required of OCM practices above and beyond the protocol itself.
  • Create favorite protocols to make searches and comparisons even faster
  • View economics reports using real‐time pricing from Oncology Supply including ASP trending, Top 20/Bottom 20 Drugs and historical purchases


  • Drug cost analysis by dose, MBUs and orals
  • Protocol cost analysis and details
  • Customized Medicare patient financial estimate

Learn how Protocol Analyzer can address the needs of your practice.

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